My project

This is a space for people to show themselves a little bit of kindness.

In the UK we have false humilty. We are unbelievably hard on ourselves thinking that this is modesty and humilty.

Well it’t not. It’s being negative.

We ALL have good things about us. Here is the chance to prove it.

I’m hard on myself.

Really hard on myself. It’s something numerous councilors and friends and family have commented on. I just don’t give myself a break.

On Tuesday the 23rd July 2013 I met with my spiritual mentor, an incredible woman, and she again challenged me to be kind to myself.

I’m taking this challenge to heart.  I struggle with mental health issues, self-harm, and crippling self-doubt. But I don’t want these things to rule me to define me. So I’m starting a new project.

Every day for the next week I’m going to write something I like about me. Some of my friends may write what they like about me. I know this may seem a bit vain, but I believe that words have power. That speaking negative words over yourself breeds that negativity whereas speaking positive words, well maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn to love myself.

I was going to stop there, have this blog for just a week. But actually I want to invite you to join in. I want to read stories about other people believing in themselves.

SO, if you would like, join me in this journey. Message me with something about yourself that you like. OR if you can’t do that ask a friend to write something.


12 thoughts on “My project

  1. I like the view I got in the mirror. In fact I cannot walk by a mirror without taking a look at myself. It takes forever to walk through the mirror section at IKEA with me. That’s why I don’t go there any more.
    Stand upright, Jona

    • Sounds like a good thing to be able to look at yourself and respect what see as part of who you are – not many people can do that…especially if they have deep inner issues they are contending with. Loving oneself is not a bad thing – but maybe you love the outside so much – because you are so damn afraid of the inside….which is kinda what mental health issues entails…right?
      Bless you.

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