This is one of many incredible clips from The West Wing which I have been watching obsessively (yet again) for the last few days.

I’ve not written anything for a while and a big part of this is because I have been doing well, heck I’ve been a functioning adult. The most part however has been because I keep forgetting too, which you know, my bad.

Anyway I was watching this episode of the West Wing and found a solitary tear running down my face, vulnerability, solidarity, love, friendship, these are beautiful things. Especially when we get to use it to help the people we journey through life with.

Part of my job is to do 1:1 work with young people who are struggling. To accompany them. When I was at uni there was a book that I quoted a lot, it talked about this idea of accompanying instead of mentoring. That we walk alongside people, sharing life and finding the way together. It isn’t about bestowing all your “wisdom” and “knowledge,” it isn’t about telling them what to do or how to live and act, it is about being there and discovering and learning together.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been doing this for the last year with a number of girls that I am working with, sometimes it gets labelled “mentoring” or “1:1’s” but the reality is it’s more and less than that. I guess I don’t really know what I’m saying (not that I ever do.)

What I like is this, we should be doing it everyday. To jump in the hole which our friends have fallen into and to work our way out together, sharing our experiences as equals. Because the point of the story is that the guy jumper in, he didn’t shout down the instruction he decided to do it together.

Life is better together.

My life is better because we are together. And I guess I’m hoping and believing that your life is better because we are together (fyi I’m not just talking about the Mr here, though his life BETTER be you know better cause we are together.) So yeah I’m trying to be kind to myself today by remembering that I get to jump in the hole with the girls that I accompany, that I’m helping them discover the way out. That I’m pretty ok at that, and I’m pretty ok at walking alongside my friends too.

I’m being kind to myself cause I right now it feels like I’m starting the descent into the hole, and I know it’ll be ok because I know I have friends who will jump in with me.


One thought on “Jump

  1. Your accompanying makes a difference and I’m glad you’re out there walking alongside those young people and that you have people who will jump in to walk alongside you too!

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