We are family

Two posts in one week, I’m so crazy. 

Today has been a good day, I have been most productive so thought I would celebrate by being nice to myself. (and no I wont be writing about work)

Today I’m going to write about something I have been doing since I was 2 years and 1 day old. You see the day after my 2nd birthday the delightful J-fer turned up in my life. She was an ugly ass baby, but a charming sister, and I really love her, heck I really love all my sisters, and brothers. I can’t say much about being a little sister as family situations being what they are I clearly suck at being one of those.

BUT what I can say is I’m pretty good at being a big sister. I have 4 younger siblings.

I do my very best to be there for them to support them and let them know they are loved unconditionally. I try to show them healthy and happy ways of being, that they aren’t defined by intelligence, grades, body size, looks or other such things. I do my best to talk to them and be interested in their lives. 

When we spend time together I try to make it fun and treat them. 

Ultimately though, my aim is that my 3 younger sisters, and (not so) baby brother know that I love them, and am always there for hugs, jokes and a place to crash, that I never have and never will judge them for their choices, but I will call them out when they are being a numpty. 


I guess this is really just a love note to J-fer, R, S and the other J. 


I guess I know I do it well, cause S told me she would still love me if I was a human donkey living on peanuts in Mexico and asks when I’m next home. Because R texts me telling me she loves and misses my face. Cause J is always excited to see me and jumps at the chance to visit. J-fers sending of snapchats and tweets is her way of sharing love, or at least I think it is. 


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