I’m Giving You My Heart

I’ve been away, apologies about that. Was camping in a field in Shepton Mallet and then spent a few days with Goddaughter 1 whilst her mummy had a baby.

That was exciting. 

But before that I didn’t know what to write. I’ve been pretty down on myself and struggled to be positive. Which is you know, pretty rubbish. So I kinda stopped writing, but then obviously this blog is to combat that so I figured now I’m home and don’t have 2 year old to run after I should probably get back to it. 


So today I have been reminding myself that I am generous. With my time, my finances, my possessions whatever really. I’m more than happy to give up a few days to help a friend who is about to give birth. Or help the boyfriend move house, or give away my last few cigarettes to someone who is desperate, heck I give them to friends freely also. I spend time supporting people and have chosen a career that asks something of me because I want to give back.


So yeah I like to away things, or buy cups of coffee for people, or drive them places. Why the heck not. 



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