Ground control to Major Tom

Apologies for not posting something myself yesterday, but the 2 guest posts were so great I wanted them to be all that went up yesterday. I hope they have encouraged other people to be more kind to themselves and to maybe give a guest post a chance. 

Today I am going to keep it lighthearted, what I like about myself today is that I, am a geek. I like, nay, love Star Wars and Star Trek, and Buffy, and Firefly, (heck anything Joss Whedon has written,) I like Doctor Who, and Stargate, and LOTR’s, and many other things, what’s more, I liked them before they were cool.

I have a Tardis teapot and in the past my chum Abbi and I would make Star Trek badges and watch all of the movies, I can quote parts of Harry Potter and no far more trivia then anyone should no.

Being nerdy is kinda cool now, and that makes me a little sad, because whilst I’m happy people are embracing some of there many awesome things, I like being a little odd.


See that’s the thing being geeky makes you a little different, and I like that I am. I like that I am comfortable in myself that I can admit to it.  


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