I’ll stand by you

When Helen first told me about Operation Be Kind, I knew I wanted to get involved. Initially I was planning on writing something about her, because she seriously needs to cut herself some slack. But as I read her week of posts, I began to realise that actually, I’m also pretty hard on myself at times. And so, inspired by the wonderful Miss Sare, (can I just add she is super inspiring and I think this project is awesome and more people should definitely get involved), I am going to use my guest post to be kind to myself.

So, here goes…

I care.

People often call me cynical and any of my friends will tell you how I roll my eyes when anyone talks about love. The truth is, I care. I care about people quite a lot. I think that people are important and that we’ve been created for community and part of that is to look after each other.

I’m the kind of friend who helps in any way that they can. Listening on a phone for hours while a friend rants about life? Yep. Sending a card to cheer someone up? Check. Looking after a friend who’s had one too many to drink? That’s me.

I’m the kind of friend who sticks around, even when life gets tough. Because life is tough. That’s a fact. But it’s made easier when there’s people around who care. And I hope that I have made some people’s lives easier by being around and by caring.

There’s one particular situation that sticks in my mind as an example of this. I won’t go into too much detail as it wouldn’t be fair to the people whom it involves. But essentially, I was having a conversation with a friend about a mutual friend of ours who was having a hard time and as a result was becoming increasingly distant. And, becoming more and more frustrated with this friend who was getting more and more distant, I declared, (something along the lines of) “You know what? She can try and get away from me all she likes. At the end of the day, I care too much to stand by and let this destroy her. I’m here for her whether she likes it or not.”

And maybe that’s just me being stubborn. But I don’t like to give up on people. I believe that people always deserve a second chance. And I guess that’s part of what I love about Operation Be Kind – it’s like you’re giving yourself a second chance. A second chance to decide how you view yourself. And let’s be honest, when we’re living in a society that’s continually feeding us messages about how worthless we are if we don’t have the right looks or intelligence or friends, we need to step back and remember to give ourselves a second chance. To care about ourselves. And to be kind to ourselves.

(And to other people too, because y’know they’re all facing the same battles).


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