The kids are alright

I decided to take a break yesterday and just blog on being kind to yourself instead of actually being kind to myself. 

Except I was putting my own advice into action and having fun.

I will still do 7 things thought otherwise that would be cheating. 

Today I remembered something, something that I really shouldn’t forget, and that is I am great with kids. I was at a BBQ with some friends and the 10year old kept wanting to talk to me and hang out with me, and the 4 year old followed me everywhere, there was a 3rd but I told him Chelsea such so he wasn’t best pleased with me, (so maybe not great with all kids.)

But for as long as I can remember children have wanted to hang out with me, maybe it’s because mentally we’re on the same wave length, or maybe it’s because my mum taught me how to talk to kids, how to keep them entertained, but she also taught me to value people, no matter their age and so with that enjoy their company, which means delighting in the goofy things that kids do, that means giving you’re all whilst playing in the park, that means rejoicing when one learns how to write left-handed correctly. 

But the point is I’m great with them, which means I get to have fun a lot more, it means my 10 year old Brother likes spending time with me, it means that my goddaughters like spending time with me. It means I can use my skills to bless my friends and family with kids by looking after them and giving them a break. I’m called the baby whisperer for a reason, and I’m not afraid to change nappies. (for a babysitter give me a call, my going rate is a BBQ chicken pizza)


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