I am the one and only.

What to say, what to say. I’m struggling again today. I’m sat next to the best friend today and wishing she would give me the answer, but as we all know she isn’t allowed too.

I’ve been struggling a lot with feeling replaceable, at work, at home, in relationships. I guess a lot of it stems from what I shared yesterday, when people can just leave your life and not miss you I guess you get it into your head that you are someone that doesn’t matter that people can just turn their back on you and their life isn’t missing anything. Most of the time I’m utterly convinced that someone more amazing and talented and beautiful than me will rock up and make everyone forget about me.

Right enough moping around it’s time to actually be nice to myself.

So today I am reminding myself that I am not replaceable. Heck none of us are. There is only one person like me, one person with my particular brand of crazy, one person who has had the experiences I have, who thinks and acts the way I do.

I am wonderfully and fearfully made, I have a past, present and future that is unique to me. I am a child that my parents love, but not the same as any of their other children. My friends have chosen for me to be in their live and enjoy me being a part of it, my boyfriend loves me and believes our future is together,  two families chose me to be their child’s Godmother.


So I guess my point is, as much as I think it sometimes. I am NOT replaceable. There is no one quite like me. I am unique and that is a great thing.



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