Here I go again….

It has been two whole weeks since I started my blog and a week since I finished it. Mostly I have spent the last 7 days  pondering what to do with it, do I carry on as I was, do I keep going but only post once a week or do I leave it as it was, an experiment that challenged me and hopefully others.

Upon discussion with my mother I decided that I was going to give this blog another go, another week. I believe in doing things that scare me and challenge me, I believe in doing things that better help me to be the woman I am meant to be, the woman, that I believe, God has called me to be.

So I’m giving it another ago. This isn’t an attention seeking thing, or a pride thing. This is my attempt at being compassionate to myself, because we all need to be a little kinder to ourselves. What I would really love this time round though is others to join in. Please consider yourself, be nice to yourself. You don’t have to write it for the whole world to see. But each day think of something you like about yourself.

Of course I will always welcome a guest post. *hint hint*

Today the word I am going to use about myself is a scary one, because I’m worried about the pride thing, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.

I inspire people. There is something about the way I go about my life that makes other people stop and think and want to do likewise, be it my tattoos, or my honesty about mental illness. Mostly though I have noticed it with this project. So many people have been so wonderful, and a small number have told me that it has inspired them to think about themselves with a little more grace.

Something about being passionate and caring about things means it is infectious and others catch hold of that vision, and I think I have little of that.


So day 1 of week 2 done. Here I go again


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