I love to love, but my baby just loves to dance…..

Day 5.

No preamble this time, straight to the point.

I am an encourager. As I have said before I believe words have power, they can build someone up or they can tear them down. I’ve used words for both. But these days I try to build.

A friend of mine started #lovemonday. A simple premise that every monday people on twitter take the time to tweet 3 people and encourage them. I don’t know how many people do, or do not do it. I do though. I love that I could choose a few words and make someones day.

Not only that but I love to tell people how much they mean to me, be it texts, phonecalls, the odd letter or to their face. Valuing someone is so important and I firmly believe that we should show them that we do. So I guess I try to live that and affirm people when I get the chance, be it my mum (who everyone wants to meet because she is Uh-May-Zing) my boyfriend (who is genuinely the most incredible human being that I know) one of the guys at work (cracking team) or some people that I have never met and only chat to on twitter (you know who you are, you smexy person you.)

I love to make people feel loved, and I think I’m pretty ok at it.

Just need to work on myself (which I’m almost ok at)


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