Firstly, I’m overwhelmed by support. Thank you.

Secondly, please get involved. Tweet me @helenseb, facebook me, or email me helensare(at(hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk  and by get involved I don’t mean write about me, I mean you. Be gentle with yourself, encourage yourself, heck even love yourself (not in a creepy way please kids.)

Now, it’s day two. Which means the second thing.

In my head I’ve been mulling over things and starting to write posts then not and, this is tough for me. Really tough. I don’t want it to be a “look at me I’m so amazing project” I want it to be genuine, which means I want it to be something I’ve thought of, not what someone has suggested.

Onwards Helen stop putting it off.

Passion, I’m a passionate person. At least I think I am. No I actually am, I am a passionate person

Which I kinda actually believe about myself. There are things that I am so passionate about, my faith, my family, justice, feminism, the church, my goddaughters, my boyfriend, young people, Bristol, mental health, community, star wars, the list goes on really.

The thing about passion, is that it permeates, other people catch a hold of what you are doing, thinking, talking about and they want to join in. Sometimes with passion we need to be careful, monitor it so it doesn’t become obsession, but all in all this is a great thing.

Passion lets people know what you care about what inspires you, what drives you to be the person that you are. As I said in the last post I’m honest. In fact I’m passionate about being honest about my struggles, heck you may have noticed that in the way I write.

I guess for me I like that I’m passionate it means I care.

It means I’m alive and living.


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